Hierarchical Data Library

Hierarchical Data Library 4.0

It contains hierarchical data related Windows client components
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Hierarchical Data Library for WPF 4 contains hierarchical data related Windows® client components, such as tree-grid controls and related classes, with data binding support, standard appearance and behavior customizable settings, culture and theme awareness, etc.
Main features:
-Integrate with Visual Studio® development environment; reference documentation is available in Visual Studio® style; supports all .NET languages, including but not limited to C# and Visual Basic® .NET;
-Very similar in appearance, behavior, and development related features with the standard ListView control;
-Allow data binding and managing node indentation, content, and expansion values, programatically; node management business logic may be used separately by accessing the included NodeManager component that the controls also leverage internally;
-Use standard GridViewColumn objects within the Columns definition of a GridView to indicate custom columns to be displayed in the user interface, and the TreeGridViewColumn object to indicate the column to be displayed as a tree view;
-Extensibility is provided through exposed properties, events, and type inheritance support

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